People Movement Monitor


Monitor the flow of people at any location where insight into people movement assists marketing effectiveness and operational decision making. Gain insight into routes travelled, dwell times and repeat visits and understand the related impact. Incorporate with all your business data and convert real-time data into meaningful and actionable insight.

Uses and Applications

  • Count, monitor and analyse the flow of people.
  • Capture the customer/visitor journey at events, festivals, shopping malls, sporting events, airports, retail outlets, sports complexes, etc.
  • Use count and flow patterns for rental optimisation and/or justification during lease negotiations.
  • Combine people movement data with environmental data such as weather and car parking to optimise staffing levels.
  • Identify peak traffic and hot spots where people are dwelling.
  • Determine optimal opening hours.
  • Identify areas that are and aren’t attracting visitors.
  • Understand customer trends to improve customer experience.
  • Evaluate and optimise layout.
  • Measure marketing effectiveness

Valuable Insight

  • Identify profit opportunities in areas such as queue management, sales, marketing and merchandising.
  • Tailor marketing based on people movement trends.
  • Correlate with big data (other events /weather) to support staffing optimisation.
  • Plan future events and marketing efforts with confidence.

How it works

  • Collects data from any mobile device within a target area that has its Wi-Fi settings enabled.
  • Approximates people attendance and location.
  • Enables unobtrusive people monitoring without compromising individuals’ privacy.
  • Use multiple devices to increase range and approximate people flow through larger target areas.
  • Data by hour, day, week, month, and year.


  • No mobile app required on target devices.
  • Fixed or mobile node installations.
  • Indoors or outdoors.
  • Wi-Fi and 4G versions.
  • Field gateway option (Wi-Fi back to single 4G data connection).
  • Mobile devices do not need to be connected to a specific Wi-Fi network.
  • No Personal Identifying Data collected.
  • Cloud computing and storage with best in class security.
  • Incorporate all of your business data, giving you multi-dimensional insight into what is affecting performance.
  • Apply predictive analytics for scenario planning.
  • Easy to use dashboard reporting or integrate with an existing system.
  • A complete solution from data collection to analytics and ongoing technical support.

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