The Microsoft Power Platform combines a robust set of applications into one powerful business application platform that allows a quick and easy way to automate processes, build solutions, analyse data, and create intelligent bots.

Each component of the Microsoft Power Platform is built on the Dataverse (the Common Data Model), which ensures seamless integration across the three Microsoft cloud platforms. The Power Platform is a low-code platform that spans Office 365, Dynamics 365, Azure, or standalone applications. Each component is dynamic by itself but seriously powerful when combined.

The possibilities are endless when you combine components of the Power Platform with your existing Microsoft solutions.

The Microsoft Power Platform

The Microsoft Power Platform enables business to capture and use the increasing flow of data in the organisation to gain insights to drive efficient business processes.

The Power Platform has four major components:


Microsoft PowerApps development services for rapid low code app development to help businesses take advantage of data capture and handling.

Power BI

Achieve data-driven decisions from highly interactive data insights for the business data captured from different sources.

Power Automate

Power Automate uses Logic Apps as the workflow engine for quickly automating tasks and processes for improving business productivity and efficiencies.

Power Virtual Bots

Microsoft cloud solution Power Virtual Agent has inbuilt AI and Machine Learning to build smart and flexible chatbots to interact with customers or employees.

How Satalyst can help

We help businesses to deploy the technology they need and extend or customise the apps they already use. We use the powerful tools from Microsoft Power Platform to improve and extend existing software, integrate with multiple data connectors to other cloud solutions, or create custom low-code applications in record time.

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